Buy and Sell Crypto Easily in Oman

We believe in the core philosophy of Crypto
“Not your Keys, Not your Coins!”
That’s why Easy Coins is the first non-custodial Crypto provider in the Middle East. When you buy, we send Crypto to your personal wallet. When you sell, we send Omani Riyals to your personal bank account. This ensures safety of your Crypto and Money always under your personal control.

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As easy as 1,2,3!

1) Buy a personal hardware wallet

2) Create an Easy Coins account

3) Buy Crypto!


1) Buy a personal hardware wallet

Secure transactions & safe delivery to your own wallet

Buy wallet

2) Create an Easy Coins account

No login & password needed!
As Easy Coins does not keep or manage any crypto currency or fiat deposits, there is no need to log in. You only need to remember your Easy Coins Account Code.

Create account

3) Do a test purchase then upgrade your account

Visit the upgrade account section to enable further purchases and the ability to sell crypto!

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Any questions?

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page


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